How to View Your Schedule

UpdatedWednesday November 28, 2018 byDaniel Mumm.

You will always have THREE METHODS to view your daughter's schedule, including all practices and tournament dates:

  1. **Preferred Method** - The schedule for all teams to which your child is assigned can be viewed from your mobile device by installing the "SI Play Mobile" companion app on your iOS or Android device.
    • Log in to the app with the same credentials with which you log in to
  2. A publicly-viewable master Schedule for the entire season, for all teams, will always be available from the Schedule menu, in the blue navigation bar you'll find at the top of all our website pages.  There is no need to log in to view our master schedule.  Use the filters to display the age group and team of your choice.
    • (Hint - You more technical folks can use the iCal Download button from a web browser on you PC to subscribe to the internet calendar for specific teams, and automatically add them to your Google, Outlook, or other calendar.)
  3. You can also see your family's combined schedule by logging in (see the green "Log In" button at the top of this page) and selecting Account Options / Family Schedule from the right-side navigator on your welcome screen.

About Detailed Tournamet Schedules & Player Releases:

Initialy, the SIPlay schedule defines an assumed start time for all tournaments as 8am (system requires us to specify something).  The actual start time of your first game will almost always be different, but specific tournament schedules are not typically made available by the organizers until the Wed just prior to the event (and somtimes later).  When we receive it, the actual start time in the SIPlay schedule will be updated with the time of your fist game.  We haven't got the cycles to respond to earlier inquiries about start times.  When we get them, you'll get them.

The original schedule from the tournament organizers, plus any related info (like release forms, parking instructions, etc) will be posted in an article for that tournament in our "Upcoming Tournament Details" section.  You will receive a notification email (from us or your coach) telling you this page is available.  Your coach may also choose to provide additional related communications.

To be clear....We will post the instructions, but you the parents must be responsible to ensure any required player release processes are completed prior to the event.