How H2O Communicates

We try to make it as easy and clear as possible

UpdatedWednesday November 28, 2018 byDaniel Mumm.

This article contains extremely important communications info for our families and our coaches.  Please read it in its entirety.  Our assumption will be that you are familiar with the following contents.

This article explains the tournament communications you can expect from H2O administration throughout the indoor season.  We’ll provide you everything you’ll need to know in order to be at the right places, at the right times, having completed any required waivers or other documentation…and hopefully enable you to plan the rest of your family life in the process.

What to expect from H2O Administrators:

  • SI Play Mobile app:  You are highly encouraged to utilize the SI Play Mobile app for your smartphone.  Find it in Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store.  Log in with the exact same username and password that you use to log in to H2O’s website. 
    • Hint –Never get lost while looking for a venue - SIPlay Mobile also enables GPS navigation with a single click from a calendar event.
  • SMS Text Messaging:  We use text messages, called SI Play Easy-Alerts, for time-critical communications.  But you must opt-in to this feature from your H2O account.  Otherwise, the system will send the text body to you as an email (which also includes a link to opt-in to text messages).
    • Login to your account
    • Select “Account Settings”, then “Mobile Phone Settings”
    • Us the link on the right of the Phone Settings page to enable the desired phone numbers
  • Tournament Schedules:  There are multiple ways to view the current schedules.  See our article for How to View Your Schedule.
    • For all tournaments, we typically receive final event schedules approximately Wednesday of the week leading up to the event. While some tournaments may publish a preliminary schedule a week or two earlier, it is not uncommon for us to receive one, two, or even three revisions (sometimes in the same day).  It generates confusion for our H2O families, and a lot of work for us, when we publish preliminary schedules.  If we haven’t published it, it’s because we haven’t received a stabile schedule ourselves.
    • We will update your online calendar with the start time of your first game, and approximate duration of the event.  We will not input the entire event schedule (e.g. typically 3-5 games).
    • You will receive a notification email from us, including a link to a tournament-specific article in the Tournament Information section of H2O's website.    The article will contain important information for you, and may contain downloadable event schedules, waivers, etc. if they have been provided by the event organizer.  It is PARENTS’ RESPONSIBILITY to follow waiver-related instructions, if there are any, or the event may decline to allow a player to participate.

What to expect from your H2O Coach:

  • It is your Coach’s responsibility to communicate information like desired event arrival times and meeting locations for your team.